Working Procedures

Find more information on the classes used in this experiment here:

check out the general Geovistory Documentation here:

Slides inklusive Beschrieb Experiment


A) Get information on persons of interest

1. Open source object of your choice

Option 1: Open Kieler Professorenkatalog by Volbehr in Geovistory

Step 1: open card of source object “Volbehr, Professoren” & click on table


Step 2: open table & filter according to medicine

  • open table

  • add text break & adjust columns

  • filter for “Medizin”

  • select person of interest

Option 2: Open Kieler Professorenkatalog by Volbehr or Kieler Gelehrtenverzeichnis

Step 1:

•Professorenkatalog «Volbehr/Weyl 1956 Online»:

•Kieler Gelehrtenverzeichnis:

Step 2:

  • filter for Medizin


→ select person of interest


B) Produce information in Geovistory


2. Add new person if not existing

  • open “entity section” & add a person

  • fill in the name and check whether already existing


3. Add their birth

  • open “person card”

  • toggle “show empty specific fields”

  • select “birth

  • fill in the info



4. Add information on their study titles

  • open “person card”

  • toggle “show empty specific fields”

  • select “has obtained”

  • fill in information as below


5. Add GND or other reference number

  • open person card

  • toggle “show empty specific fields”

  • select “has identification”

  • select “concerns identifier”


C) Link information with Source

  • open person card

  • go to the small triangle at the very right and click it


  • select “linked sources”

  • select “is mentioned in”

  • click on plus to make “drag & drop” appear

  • open sources section

  • select source and “drag it” into the box”

  • confirm


D) Visualize

  • open “analysis part”

  • select pre-configured visualisations such as “Geburtsorte” or “gegor. Promotions- Habilitationsorte”

  • click on “run” and explore